Tuesday, November 20, 2007

:: gobble gobble ::

Hope everyone has a safe and filling thansgiving. Here in Colorado we will be having some guests, Sam and Max from Traverse City will be joining Erin and I. have some good eats planned along with some fun activities. The major issue here in Vail is the lack of snow! It is November 20th and we have NONE! So do some praying and hoping cause we need it.

Again hope everyone is well and good in the hood

:: gobbbble ::

:: let'er rip ::

Erin did it again, The Trifty Store Hero, She found this XL somewhat vintage FUJI "Gran Tourer SE" road bike. With all original parts! I tinkered with it last night and it works great, just some rear shifting issues, but I am contemplating making it a single speed anyway. Should be a fun project, i might learn something about bikes even? I will post updates as the work continues.

:: happy friday, drink up! ::