Thursday, October 18, 2007

:: get your shred on ::

Exciting times here in the high country of Colorado! Two Resorts are open for business, Arapahoe Basin (A-Basin) opened two weeks ago, and Loveland Ski area opened just this week 10.15.07. With the snow falling at a pretty good rate it looks like Erin and I will be making our first turns this weekend at Loveland. Pretty excited!

It also seems like we will be having a good number of visitors this season, the family has been booking flights and we are stoked. It is always fun to see family and friends, so come on over.

:: take it easy ::

Monday, October 15, 2007

:: the draft ::

Had a great weekend, Erin and I celebrated our one year anniversary. We headed to Denver to celebrate a bit. Saturday night was pretty great with a show at The Marquis Theater. This was a rare occurace, every band that played was actually good. First off was a band from denver who I can't remember, but not bad, second was SleeperHorse, these guys were really good, I thought kind of Small Brown Bike-ish. Next up was a band called Dead to Me (love the name, it's a phrase I use quite often) they were rather entertaining as well.

To cap the evening off was The Draft, this band was formed after Hot Water Music front man Chuck Ragan called it quites... Don't get me wrong The Draft is a Great, Solid Band, but listening and seeing them live you just know if they had Chuck up there with them they would just be that much better and MORE Amazing. Great Show to say the least.

So as we were enjoying an intermission cocktail I noticed a guy who looked like Jason Black of The Draft, wasn't 100% sure, so Erin took the initiative and went down and asked, sure enough it was and we both got a shot with him... Thanks Erin.

So it was a great weekend and a great top off of my first year of married life, once again... THANKS Erin for being you.

:: "Stay hungry, Stay free and do the best you can".The Gaslight Anthem ::

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

:: be creative ::

Got these a couple weeks ago, sent a package to Blokt as well to help him put down the ideas and sketches.

If you are a creative person or not you always have stuff you need to remember, and I don't care what kind of phone or PDA you have nothing is faster than just writing it down. You can always transfer your notes at the end of the day.

:: I am out ::

:: so close ::

Really though, this time I am speaking the truth. I have to put the finshing touches on the portfolio section, but this should be done in the next couple of days, like always work permitting.

please check back soon, and if I don't have a link to nycodesign up and running...please comment and tell me to get off my ass!

:: take care all ::