Wednesday, January 7, 2009

:: clear is the new black ::

One of my christmas gifts... a pair of Booth & Bruce glasses. I apologize for their site, WOW it is really bad! But my glasses are cool. You all know you can get them here right!!!!!!!!! Do it, Do it!

Anyway, here is shot of erin and I on a little light hike at meadow mountain last week. It was a great day as usual.
:: bye now ::

Monday, January 5, 2009

:: nice work ::

]Blokt[ is at it again, and it seems like he is hitting 2009 running! Check the blog for some literature inspired work, super nice stuff man! The illustration above is of our nephew Josh, who's football team won the state championship in New Jersey. A side note to the victory, the game was played in Giants Stadium, I could just imagine how that felt! I'm proud of you Josh, you done good!

Well I am interested in seeing what 2009 will hold... Check here often, as I will try to keep you all up to speed.

:: All the Best! ::