Sunday, December 27, 2009

:: year in review...09 ::

Yeah it has almost been a year since I did a post to this blog. Can't say I have an excuse, busy I guess? Lots of stuff has happened in 365ish days... Here are a couple highlights and some lowlights of 2009.

    1. Erin and I got pregnant!

    2. Spark Creative went down the shiter

    3. Pro Concepts went down the shiter

    4. Markit Creative started up, Mark Silberman, Michelle Parenti, and Myself

    5. 2009 winter goes by without any major injuries and problems

    6. Sign up and get into the Single Speed World championships in Durango

    7. Summer bike season starts!!!!! So Fun

    8. Racing Clydesdale divisions and doing quite well against other big guys

    9. Sign up for the Firecracker 50 as a team with Stuart, it's kind of a sore spot for me, Stuart doesn't finish and I do my lap anyway (25 miles, 2500 vertical feet climbing, all above 10,000 feet) I do a personal best sub 2.5 hours, I felt great. NEXT YEAR SOLO CLYDESDALE. Team of one... Me!

    10. JULY 25, 2009, Andrew Bruno Beresniewicz is born, 8lbs. 4oz. BUT he has some complications, needs to go to Denver for a surgery. He is born with a Diaphramatic Hernia..... Erin and Bruno are in denver for FIVE weeks.... Everything works out with the surgery and he is doing AWESOME... It was a rough 5 weeks though, Erin came home for one weekend when my parents were visiting, she is amazing.

    11. Finish the race season as the number 2 ranked Clydesdale racer in Vail, pretty stoked.

    12. Single Speed world championship in Durango was AWESOME. Barry, Pam, Wiener and I drove to Durango. Slept in Artie, rode our bikes with one gear (along with 1000 others) through the toughest 24 miles I have ever ridden. I almost cried twice, drank three beers during the race, finished.... I finished, it was super fun, super hard, a GREAT experience! Thanks Barry and Pam... and wiener.

    13. 2009 2010 snowboard season starts.

    14. Crazy news right before the holiday, one of my best friends gets hit by a car crossing I-70!!! I still can't believe he is gone, Love you Jesse, I will miss you Buddy!

    15. The last week of 2009... Its been a crazy year, actually pretty hard, but I think I grew a lot this year. I love my wife, I love my son, and I love all my family and friends, you all mean the world to me, thank you for being you!

I look forward to 2010, I hope you all have the best year ever. God Bless