Wednesday, December 31, 2008

:: the best in 2009 ::

Well I have to say 2008 came and went in a blink of an eye. It was great fun though. Aside from the economic crap that is going on I really look forward to 2009. Big things are coming to Erin and I. Life changing to say it lightly. But I am so blessed to have a wife like Erin and feel really excited for the coming year.

Vail is still treating us well and the winter season is proving to be pretty solid. I already (due to christmas gifts of the biking kind) am looking forward to the spring and riding my bikes. I am trying very hard not to pack on my usual winter pounds, so far so good. So when the spring does come hopefully I won't be such a slug for the first month. But a lot can happen in the remaining 4 months of winter.

Well I wish all my family and friends the BEST in 2009. Hopefully we will get to see you all VERY soon.

:: God Bless ::

Thursday, November 13, 2008

:: email ::

To all who email me, I have closed my Hotmail account. Please use or to contact me, or better yet pick up the phone and CALL me, you are checking this now on one anyway... right?

above sketch by ]BLOKT[.

:: Thanks! ::

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

:: WIP it ::

I updated our portfolio site nycodesignagency recently. Please check it out and let others know. I added a Work I Progress (WIP) section to keep the site up to date a little easier. After a week or so the items will move down into there respective categories.

The above image is the NEW 2009 Beaver Creek race poster I am working on, it will be the fourth year I have done it. All in all I am happy with the design. It's pretty final, we are only waiting for final sponsor shuffling.

Well share the site with people... bye now!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

:: DCFC ::

NarrowStairs has been on heavy rotation in the office, car, on the bike, etc... Is that bad? I dig it.

Oh, and winter is here full on, 20 degrees on the way into work, with highs in the mid 40's, time to get my SHRED ON!!!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

:: Weekend warrior ::

Been a busy weekend, Erin is in Vegas till tomorrow, checking out what is new in the Eyewear industry, and I was home. Thought I would be able to get on the bike a lot, but plans changed late in the week.
My office is moving and we were expecting snow this weekend... great. We were asked to come in on the weekend and get the move done. I was in the office till about 3:30, and decided to attempt a ride up Meadow mountain. From the parking lot it started to drizzle, but I thought nothing of it. Made the sloppy 5 mile climb and decided to take it easy and forgo the single track, and just flipped it back down to the truck. Good thing, it was FREEZING coming down, numb fingers and toes and covered in cold mud, not very enjoyable. The single track would have been fun, but slippery roots and rocks with numb fingers didn't seem too great to me.

Today I woke up to no snow so I headed out to Eagle... It was AWESOME. About 55 degrees and mostly sunny. It was really dry in eagle, makes me wish I headed there Saturday instead of the Meadow mountain mud feast I chose. Here are some picts from this weekends rides. Eagle had some great views of all the fall foliage. Only about a month left of local rides, the snow might not be here, but the cold dark afternoons tend to lead to shorter rides.

Oh, my new Spot single speed is great.
Also, check me out (colorado sighting) I'm famous, haha, thanks Barry.

Friday, September 19, 2008

:: Fall Fruit(a) ::

Heading to Fruita Colorado tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn. My friends from Denver headed up last night and have the camp site secure. I will hopefully get there around 9 in the morning, just in time to join them for the first ride of the day.

Fruita is a mountain biking mecca. Super nice single track, not really a lot of sustained climbing so you can get in a lot of miles without killing yourself. It is also possible to do multiple days and not be spent from the day before, although Advil and a couple beers definetly cure the pain, and saddle soreness.

Here is great link to see the awesomeness of fruita. Here is a video too.

Well on further bike news, I cracked my Niner frame last week and have a new "tang" (warranty) frame all ready for the trip. I have a couple rides in already on the new frame and it seems to work well, real well actually. Here is a shot of the new color... cool right.

As well as the new Niner, I might be getting my Spot Bike as well. maybe. I would love to have the single speed for fruita, it would be great. If I havent mentioned it before, Spot single speeds use a carbon belt instead of a chain. check it out here and here.

Well I will try to post some shot when I get back, I am excited to see the guys, but I am NOT a good camper, but I make due. It all stems from bad boy scout experiences, I don't know.

:: talk to you all soon ::

Monday, September 8, 2008

:: Nice weather, Long rides, Great music ::

Had a long 40 mile ride saturday, from home to Lost Lake Loop, Buffer Creek, to Vail Village. Lost Lake isn't my favorite ride, but wanted the miles so I put up with the rocks, the views and weather were worth the pain. Hit up Oktober Fest (some of you got the text messages, i sent) for some brats and beers.

Sunday Erin and I headed down to denver to see my ultimate favorite band. Hot Water Music... awesome. Drove down for the day. (Those Oktoberfest beers weren't treating me well, thanks Erin for putting up with me, I think the chinese actually helped?) We headed back up the hill after the show, getting home at 1:30a.m. so I'm pretty tired, but a great weekend regardless.

:: bye ::

Thursday, September 4, 2008

:: Fall is here ::

Hey all. Sorry it has been so long. Erin and I have almost completed our wedding tour of the summer. With a final trip out to Chicago via Michigan for some family time for Erin. We flew into Detroit from Vail to see our God-Child and the rest of the Schneider and Mckeown families. We hung out for a day, and packed up the Yukon for the road trip to Chicago. Chicago is always fun, I think it is my favorite city, just so midwest. We made the trip with Erin's parents that were invited to the wedding as well. Stayed at the Talbot hotel, walked around downtown, shopped (I love Penguin clothing now), drank, ate, all good things. It was hot, real hot, maybe that is one thing I don't like about Chicago, that Midwest humidity. ouch.

It was a great weekend and seeing family always makes it hard to leave. Erin and I alway wonder if we should move back to be closer to family... it's hard living so far. We miss you all.

Back in beautiful "humid-less" Colorado, and the weather is just amazing. Fall is coming in quick, it's sweater and jeans weather after 6p.m. Been on some amazing rides after work, the sunsets have been breathtaking. That brings me back to the moving back to the east to be with family... it would be hard to move from such an amazing place. We live in a place where people come for vacation. Some people will never get to see the sunsets I see or ride the trails I ride. That is amazing to me. I absolutely love living here. So a request to all family... move here, retire here, come enjoy this with us... Please.

:: Much love to all, and make plans to visit soon ::

Thursday, August 7, 2008

:: One gear is all you need! ::

I think i'm addicted. I finally sucked it up and raced the final local race at Beaver Creek on my Single Speed 29er. IT WAS AWESOME Very painful, physically and mentally, I have never wanted to quit a race after lap one as I did last night. The first lap was just hard, I had nothing, all the espresso and gels and blocks I took just didn't help me on the first lap. But coming through the start/finish to begin lap two I felt way better, and attacked the first climb of the second lap. I noticed on my watch that I was through lap one at around 35 minutes which wasn't bad for the 5.6 mile loop with 1378 feet elevation gain. Even the early rain at pre-start proved to help me out a bit, a lot of the other riders with geared bikes were having shifting issues due to all the mud gunking up their drivetrain. So I had that goingfor me which was nice.

I knew I was dead last in my category, but this was personal, I wanted to finish riding the entire course. I did! and I am very happy. Throughout the race I thought I was 20 minutes behind, but I finished less than 4 minutes off the back and only 10 off the winner. I consider that a success.

My friends did well again in their prospective classes, BillyBarry finished third in expert, and John took fifth in sport... Animals.

The after party was fun, free beer and tacos at Coyote. Prizes were handed out to series point leaders, bike frames were raffled, it was a good time.

All results here.
All pictures here.

The race season is pretty much over for me. I might do a Mountain State Cup race for the hell of it. Other than that I am looking forward to the fall and some Fruita and Moab riding for sure. I am also thinking about some Cyclocross racing!!!! The CultCross series is a local one held in Eagle, pretty cool. Which also means... NEW BIKE! NEW BIKE! hehehe hahaha.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

:: See Spot Bikes ::

If there would ever be a team that was created for me I must say it is Spot Bikes they are out of Golden Colorado, making some Kick ass 29er bikes. Their single speed is super sweet using a carbon belt instead of a chain (pushing the industry, that's what I like to see). Personally I absolutely love the longboard 9, a geared bike but set up 1x9.

I have been chatting with (and probably driving this guy crazy) Gavin, and he was cool enough to make a sweet offer to me to be on their team. I was STOKED! I told him I would be an awesome advertisement for him, a lot of guys ask what I ride (being 6'4 and 230 lbs.) and my opinion means something I think, If I ride it and don't break it, it is Quality. Now by "team" I don't mean pro racer guy, I would still do the local Vail series, a long with other stuff I already do, But I would be sporting their brand. You dig? I will have to pay for this equipment, there in lies the rub, I need some cash. But serieously It would be very cool and I would be way excited to be on this team,

Well hopefully I can sell one or two of my present bikes and procure the funds to get a sweet Spot bike, we shall see.

Oh, to add to the greatness of this team, their major sponsor is Dales Pale ale (Oskar brewing) my favorite beer! Old Chub!! come on you freakin kidding me!
Here is there bike team blog, I visit daily.

Anyway, that is what is up with me

:: Peace out! ::

Monday, July 28, 2008

:: blokt at it ::

Blokt has updated his site with some great work, check it out.

nice work Brotherman

Monday, June 30, 2008

:: happy birthday Bro ::

Today is Paul's Birthday! give him a shout

Can't wait to see you in a few weeks, have a great day!, love you Bro!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

:: beat LA ::


What a great series, I don't want it to end, but I do if Boston Wins tonight!

:: What'chit ::

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

:: june snow ::

Need I say more, this pict is taken at 9 am on June 11, 2008. welcome to the Rockies!

Oh, also the Teva Games was a bust, after dealing with my on going "ass" a.k.a back pain I raced anyway, felt o.k on the first three quarters of the first lap, until... I wanted to get to know a tree a little better than I should have. Anyway it was my first DNF (Did not Finish) due to mechanical issues after the crash. I was a bit upset for sure. It was fun anyway, next wednesday's race has to be better... right?

:: crazy ::

Thursday, June 5, 2008

:: races ::

Eagle Ranch :: 25th :: boo ::

Teva Mountain Games is next, this saturday the 7th. Should be a real hoot! right.

:: out! ::

Thursday, May 29, 2008

:: rider's ready? ::

The answer to that is... no.

Well it has been an interesting "spring", with much snow on weekends and bikes cracking in half (the jet 9) after 40 miles in Fruita Colorado, you can say I wasn't the most prepared for the first race in the Vail Beaver Creek series. I'm not far though. Once I get my bike issues sorted out I think I will be able to train more regularly and on the equipment I will be racing.

I got the M.C.R (magic carpet ride) on tuesday and rode in around the local trails to work out the small adjustments, then it was trial by fire in the first race last night. I think the bike will be super RAD once I break it in a bit. It is the pretty old school being a steel hardtail, but the 29 inch wheel make up for lack of rear suspension. I think I love it.

I'm not going to get into what happened to the Jet, because I think it was a freak break, and I still recommend the bike to anyone, it was super smooth and responded like a hardtail, a really great true cross country machine. Also I really like what niner does as a company, they're still grade A in my book. Brett was really cool about switching up frames with absolutely no questions and great customer service which means a lot to me.

Well I will keep updating you all on my race results and progress, oh I finished 25th out of 32 riders, oh well, I can only get better.

4 days till Erin's 31st birthday!!

:: Pedal Damnit ::

Thursday, May 1, 2008

:: never ending ::

ok i'm beyond over the snow and cold weather. I am leaving for Moab Utah with some buddies from denver to get in some mountain biking. Not super excited for tonight, temps are reported to go down below freezing!!! The days should be mild (50-65) and the evenings other than tonight should be low 40's.

I know I asked you all to "think snow" or "pray for snow" but that was in November!!! It's May people, I need the sun and heat. So now I ask you to think and pray for warmer weather... PLEASE!

:: later friendo ::

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

:: doing what I can ::

OK this is getting ridiculous, $3.69 a gallon of shitty gas. I am over it, so, I made a pact with myself, I am going to ride to work (at least one direction, to or from, hopefully both) for the entire summer. We all need to find alternative ways to travel. If we don't have the need or demand for that $4 a gallon gas, the price will go down... right? Carpool, ride, mass transit, walk, something anything lets try to make a difference.

Off the soapbox

:: do it ::

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:: God Decided ::

With a heavy heart I write this entry. I got the news friday morning that my good friend and college roommate Brian Dargin McCormick passed away on April 9th 2008. (For what I understand, the cause of death was arteriosclerosis) I quickly made arrangements to get to Cincinnati to attend the services and pay my respects in person.

It was an emotional weekend but Brian would have been happy at how he brought a lot of people back together to celebrate is life. It was great to see and reconnect with so many that I lost contact with after moving away to Colorado. Craig, Theo, Adam, Johny P, Moose, Ole, 965 crew... it was just great to see you all. Brian will be missed by all, he was truly one of a kind.

I ask all that read this please take a minute and read the obituary from the Cincinnati Enquirer, and say a prayer for the McCormick family.

:: I will miss you Brian ::

Monday, April 7, 2008

:: one track mind ::

I did a couple hat designs for One Track Mind snowboard shop a while back (Nov. 07). Didn't think anything came of them, well I walked into the shop (I work there part-time) this Saturday and there they were. The red white and blue design is inspired by old Atlanta Braves, the brown by old San Diego Padre's and the Black is just black. Thought they turned out pretty cool.

:: later ::

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:: where you been ::

NYCO Design Agency is up and running. You can check out the work, this of course will be changing and updating regularly.

Spring seems to be trying to rear it's pretty head here in Colorado, and I welcome it with open arms... soo good! I Have Moab and Fruita mountain bike trips planned for May...sooo excited.

Also have a NEW bike on order for those trips, the Jet 9 from niner bikes...SUPER excited.

Looking forward to the next round of vistors, The Mckeown's are rolling into town on the 17th of March, In tow will be Rory(Rorus), Jill(Jilla), Mallory(Malzo), and the little big guy, Roarke(Bruise)...SUPER-Duper excited!

Look out liver, it will be a rocky week...ouch.

Required listening, Placebo.

:: Best to all ::

Monday, January 21, 2008

:: what is going on ::

hey all, sorry once again it as been so long between entries, I really have to start doing this in the evening when I get home from work. But there are so many other things on my plate and mind that I have been pretty sidetracked lately.

Most of you know, because I emailed a lot of you that has been gobble up by some bedazzler company? Actually my father let me know that he heard the name and product on TV just the other day? I talked with my talented partner and brother and we decided we liked the concept behind NYCO so we added "agency" so the new URL will be, not too bad.

In other news Erin and I will probably be heading up to Aspen this weekend to watch a bit of the X Games. The guys from Oakley will be letting us crash in one of their rooms Saturday night, should be a good time.

In more work news, things at Spark have been interesting to say the least, that is really all I have to say about that, call me to get more info.

:: With that I say farewell to the next time ::

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

:: pow days ::

It has been a fun 2008 thus far here in Vail. Erin and I had our first visitors of the new year, my brother Paul and his girlfriend Layla. We had fun on the hill with a good dumping of the white stuff on Saturday night, Sunday proved to be a big learning experience for Paul and his powder riding skills... he made it though, I'm proud of ya bro. Layla was a champ and pushed through a couple days on the hill too. I think if Sunday would have been nicer, she would have been linking those turns for sure.

It was great having them but it is back to work and prepping for our next visitors - Sue and Chris from North Carolina... the snow should be a shock to the system. Although Chris is from Canada?

Well on with the new year...

:: good things, good things ::