Wednesday, March 5, 2008

:: where you been ::

NYCO Design Agency is up and running. You can check out the work, this of course will be changing and updating regularly.

Spring seems to be trying to rear it's pretty head here in Colorado, and I welcome it with open arms... soo good! I Have Moab and Fruita mountain bike trips planned for May...sooo excited.

Also have a NEW bike on order for those trips, the Jet 9 from niner bikes...SUPER excited.

Looking forward to the next round of vistors, The Mckeown's are rolling into town on the 17th of March, In tow will be Rory(Rorus), Jill(Jilla), Mallory(Malzo), and the little big guy, Roarke(Bruise)...SUPER-Duper excited!

Look out liver, it will be a rocky week...ouch.

Required listening, Placebo.

:: Best to all ::

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Unknown said...

Honey, I love you!!! You are the greatest and the cutest!! I am excited too!