Thursday, September 4, 2008

:: Fall is here ::

Hey all. Sorry it has been so long. Erin and I have almost completed our wedding tour of the summer. With a final trip out to Chicago via Michigan for some family time for Erin. We flew into Detroit from Vail to see our God-Child and the rest of the Schneider and Mckeown families. We hung out for a day, and packed up the Yukon for the road trip to Chicago. Chicago is always fun, I think it is my favorite city, just so midwest. We made the trip with Erin's parents that were invited to the wedding as well. Stayed at the Talbot hotel, walked around downtown, shopped (I love Penguin clothing now), drank, ate, all good things. It was hot, real hot, maybe that is one thing I don't like about Chicago, that Midwest humidity. ouch.

It was a great weekend and seeing family always makes it hard to leave. Erin and I alway wonder if we should move back to be closer to family... it's hard living so far. We miss you all.

Back in beautiful "humid-less" Colorado, and the weather is just amazing. Fall is coming in quick, it's sweater and jeans weather after 6p.m. Been on some amazing rides after work, the sunsets have been breathtaking. That brings me back to the moving back to the east to be with family... it would be hard to move from such an amazing place. We live in a place where people come for vacation. Some people will never get to see the sunsets I see or ride the trails I ride. That is amazing to me. I absolutely love living here. So a request to all family... move here, retire here, come enjoy this with us... Please.

:: Much love to all, and make plans to visit soon ::

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