Friday, September 19, 2008

:: Fall Fruit(a) ::

Heading to Fruita Colorado tomorrow at the butt-crack of dawn. My friends from Denver headed up last night and have the camp site secure. I will hopefully get there around 9 in the morning, just in time to join them for the first ride of the day.

Fruita is a mountain biking mecca. Super nice single track, not really a lot of sustained climbing so you can get in a lot of miles without killing yourself. It is also possible to do multiple days and not be spent from the day before, although Advil and a couple beers definetly cure the pain, and saddle soreness.

Here is great link to see the awesomeness of fruita. Here is a video too.

Well on further bike news, I cracked my Niner frame last week and have a new "tang" (warranty) frame all ready for the trip. I have a couple rides in already on the new frame and it seems to work well, real well actually. Here is a shot of the new color... cool right.

As well as the new Niner, I might be getting my Spot Bike as well. maybe. I would love to have the single speed for fruita, it would be great. If I havent mentioned it before, Spot single speeds use a carbon belt instead of a chain. check it out here and here.

Well I will try to post some shot when I get back, I am excited to see the guys, but I am NOT a good camper, but I make due. It all stems from bad boy scout experiences, I don't know.

:: talk to you all soon ::

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