Thursday, July 31, 2008

:: See Spot Bikes ::

If there would ever be a team that was created for me I must say it is Spot Bikes they are out of Golden Colorado, making some Kick ass 29er bikes. Their single speed is super sweet using a carbon belt instead of a chain (pushing the industry, that's what I like to see). Personally I absolutely love the longboard 9, a geared bike but set up 1x9.

I have been chatting with (and probably driving this guy crazy) Gavin, and he was cool enough to make a sweet offer to me to be on their team. I was STOKED! I told him I would be an awesome advertisement for him, a lot of guys ask what I ride (being 6'4 and 230 lbs.) and my opinion means something I think, If I ride it and don't break it, it is Quality. Now by "team" I don't mean pro racer guy, I would still do the local Vail series, a long with other stuff I already do, But I would be sporting their brand. You dig? I will have to pay for this equipment, there in lies the rub, I need some cash. But serieously It would be very cool and I would be way excited to be on this team,

Well hopefully I can sell one or two of my present bikes and procure the funds to get a sweet Spot bike, we shall see.

Oh, to add to the greatness of this team, their major sponsor is Dales Pale ale (Oskar brewing) my favorite beer! Old Chub!! come on you freakin kidding me!
Here is there bike team blog, I visit daily.

Anyway, that is what is up with me

:: Peace out! ::

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