Thursday, May 29, 2008

:: rider's ready? ::

The answer to that is... no.

Well it has been an interesting "spring", with much snow on weekends and bikes cracking in half (the jet 9) after 40 miles in Fruita Colorado, you can say I wasn't the most prepared for the first race in the Vail Beaver Creek series. I'm not far though. Once I get my bike issues sorted out I think I will be able to train more regularly and on the equipment I will be racing.

I got the M.C.R (magic carpet ride) on tuesday and rode in around the local trails to work out the small adjustments, then it was trial by fire in the first race last night. I think the bike will be super RAD once I break it in a bit. It is the pretty old school being a steel hardtail, but the 29 inch wheel make up for lack of rear suspension. I think I love it.

I'm not going to get into what happened to the Jet, because I think it was a freak break, and I still recommend the bike to anyone, it was super smooth and responded like a hardtail, a really great true cross country machine. Also I really like what niner does as a company, they're still grade A in my book. Brett was really cool about switching up frames with absolutely no questions and great customer service which means a lot to me.

Well I will keep updating you all on my race results and progress, oh I finished 25th out of 32 riders, oh well, I can only get better.

4 days till Erin's 31st birthday!!

:: Pedal Damnit ::

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