Tuesday, April 15, 2008

:: God Decided ::

With a heavy heart I write this entry. I got the news friday morning that my good friend and college roommate Brian Dargin McCormick passed away on April 9th 2008. (For what I understand, the cause of death was arteriosclerosis) I quickly made arrangements to get to Cincinnati to attend the services and pay my respects in person.

It was an emotional weekend but Brian would have been happy at how he brought a lot of people back together to celebrate is life. It was great to see and reconnect with so many that I lost contact with after moving away to Colorado. Craig, Theo, Adam, Johny P, Moose, Ole, 965 crew... it was just great to see you all. Brian will be missed by all, he was truly one of a kind.

I ask all that read this please take a minute and read the obituary from the Cincinnati Enquirer, and say a prayer for the McCormick family.

:: I will miss you Brian ::

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Unknown said...

brez!!!! i wasn't kidding back in april, i want art and i will pay!!! thanks to you, ted and crunch for keeping me out of too much trouble!
jen ohl